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Dog Grooming

Get Fido’s hair washed and combed, nails clipped, and teeth and ears cleaned in his very own home.

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Cat Grooming

Kitty might love to do her own baths, but our mobile cat grooming service will help her get a head start


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Small Animal Care

Leave your small pet’s coat silky, smooth and flea-free with our customized services geared toward small animals


Services We Provide, Include:

  • Mobile dog grooming
  • Nail clipping
  • Ear cleaning
  • Pad shaving
  • Dog bathing
  • Cat bathing
  • Flea treatments
  • Hair removal and blowouts
  • Pet fragrance
  • Eye cleaning
    … and more!

Your local Your City mobile pet spa..

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For a cleaner, healthier pet… 
…look to our professional, courteous and on-time mobile pet grooming service!

At Your Business Name mobile pet grooming, our first priority is your pet’s comfort and safety. Because your pet doesn’t have to go through the stress of leaving home to get his nails clipped, his coat cleaned up or his fleas removed, you’ll get a calmer, more relaxed pet at the end of the treatment.

Our Your City customers love our service — not only because it means less hassle for them — but because we care about providing the best service for both the humans and the animals involved. We are animal lovers through and through — and it shows in the way we handle your precious creatures! For you, we promise great communication, fair prices, and timely service.

Turn to Your Business Name for your standard cleanings and clippings, or give us a call when you’re dealing with the occasional grooming issue that you can’t seem to handle on your own. Whatever the issue, we can help you solve it.

We look forward to serving you, and getting to know and love your furry friends!

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