Summer Car Care Tips

Washing your car regularly is obviously one of the basic and crucial car maintenance tips that will help keep it in a good condition for longer. This is more so especially during winter when car is more exposed to many harmful elements including road salt which usually causes and accelerates rusting. However, while many people understand the importance of frequent car washing and other car care tips during winter, most car owners do not really understand the gravity of summer car damage caused by the hot sun and temperatures.

Since summer is just around the corner, this piece serves to inform car owners about some of the sun damage that affect their cars and ways they can better take care of their cars during this hot season.

When the sun is very hot and there are high temperatures, a lot of heat can also be trapped inside the interior of your car. For this reason, sun damage not only affects the exterior but also the interior of the car causing seats and other parts to wear out prematurely. Repairing and replacing car parts after sun damage is very expensive sometimes costing thousands of dollars. Ultimately, sun damage will make your car look unsightly, cost you a lot of money worth of replacements and repairs and significantly reduce the resale value of your car in a few short years.

Protecting your Car from Sun Damage

Below are some of the tips you can use to protect your car each summer from exposure to too much sun. This will keep your car cooler, save you a lot of money on repairs, and also prolong the life of your car.

Sun Shades

Invest in sun shades and place them over the inside of your car’s windscreen. The sun shades will act as an insulator and keep your vehicle up to 50 degrees cooler which is a lot considering the soaring temperatures. Sun shades will also block up to 99 percent of the sun’s Ultraviolet rays which would otherwise cause cracks and premature aging and other kinds of damage to the dashboard, the steering wheel, and other interior parts of your car. Covering the seats will also prevent the car seats from fading prematurely and decreasing the cars resale value.

Protective Car Covers

The sun can also cause the car’s clear coat to crack or peel off thus exposing the inner paint job to UV rays, causing it to fade prematurely. To avoid this, always park in a shaded area or in a garage and if you have no access to a garage or covered parking space, Invest in a quality car cover to protect your car from oxidation, bird droppings and the sun’s UV rays.


Apply a layer of high quality wax on the surface of your car during summer to act as an additional protective coat and protect your paint coat. Applying a liquid sealant once in a while will also help maintain the paint and protect it from coming in contact with harmful elements.

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