How to clean the interior of your car

Cleaning the interior of your car is a simple enough task that anyone with a little time and the right tools can accomplish. Most of the tools and equipment that are needed can be found in any store like Wal-Mart or any other local store that stocks most DIY cleaning materials. The materials required include; a vacuum cleaner, automotive cleaners, a UV-protectant spray, disinfectants,  low-pyre towels, a two-step cleaner and conditioner, a rubber mat cleaner or a salt eraser.


Use a vacuum cleaner to vacuum every inch of your car making sure to move the seats to get to the rubber boards. This should remove most dust particles trapped in the car and thereby making the cleaning process easier.


Use your automotive specific cleaner to clean your windows. Any other non-automotive cleaners may contain ammonia which may damage the tint in your cars windows. Make sure that you use a glass-specific towel as well in this process in order to prevent any leakage or leave behind cleaner on the windows.


To clean the dashboard, use the protectants and a micro-fiber towel. Spray the protectant directly on the towel to avoid cross-contamination and getting it on your clean windows and wipe the dashboard. The protectant will not only clean the dashboard but also protect it from cracking caused by over-exposure to the suns UV rays.

Steering Wheel and Gear Shift

The steering wheel is probably the dirtiest part in your entire car and is even estimated to have more than nine times the bacteria and bugs that are estimated to be found in a public restroom. With this in mind, pay more attention when cleaning the steering wheel and the gear shifts and wipe them thoroughly using a disinfectant.

Car Seats

You will need to use different cleaning materials and to apply different cleaning techniques depending on whether you have leather or fabric car seats.

For leather seats, Use a two -step cleaner and conditioner to clean. After using the cleaner, massage the conditioner thoroughly into the leather seats using low-pyre towels. The cleaner will remove any dirt and stains from the leather seats whereas the conditioner will restore the leather’s natural oils keeping it free and free from cracks as it ages. This will also keep your leather seats in top-notch condition for many years to come.

If your car has fabric seats, use upholstery automotive cleaner to remove any stains from the seats. Spray the upholstery cleaner on the seats and scrub them using a stiff brush. Dab off any extra moisture using a towel and leave them to dry. The cleaner will not only remove satins, it will also prevent any future stains from sticking to the seats.

Floor Mats

To clean fabric floor mats, use a salt eraser to remove stains and salt stains. The salt eraser will also make the fabric tougher making any future cleanings easier and also protect it from fading prematurely. If you are using rubber mats, simply use a rubber mat cleaner to remove dirt and stains.

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